Regulatory Requirements

Pipelines regulated by the AER follow the conservation and reclamation process set up for Upstream Oil and Gas.

Pipelines with an index equal to or greater than 2690 (length in kilometres multiplied by the outside diameter in millimetres) that are located on private land or on Crown land in the White Area of the province (i.e., Class I pipelines) require an Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) approval in order to construct and reclaim. A second EPEA approval is required to reclaim a Class I pipeline if the pipeline will be removed upon abandonment. Requirements for conservation and reclamation of these pipelines are provided in EPEA and its regulations, in the terms and conditions of the EPEA approval, and in relevant regulatory policy (e.g., Land-Use Framework regional plans, 2010 Wellsite Criteria).

The terms and conditions of the Class I pipeline EPEA approval require a post-construction reclamation assessment (PCRA) to be conducted to assess reclamation success. PRCA reports are submitted to the AER and provide the results of the assessment, identification of any environmental issues, and the proposed mitigation measures.