Reclamation Certification Assessment Rules


Reclamation Certification Assessment Rules


Upstream Oil and Gas Reclamation & Remediation Program

The revised reclamation certification application process was implemented under the Integrated Decision Approach using the OneStop platform.

Under the Integrated Decision Approach, the AER has two levels of review: standard (baseline) and additional (manual).

When an application is submitted through OneStop, the application undergoes an automated review process that determines if the application is complete and meets our requirements. All applications go through this process.

OneStop then determines if additional review is required based on risk-assessment rules. For the most part, the standard review is sufficient for low-risk activities, but when an operator submits an activity that is not standard or that otherwise introduces uncertainty or higher risks, the AER technical experts will take a closer look. For more information on how the AER uses risk to make decisions visit the Using Risk to Make Decisions webpage.

For more information on risk assessment rules for reclamation certificate applications, download the Reclamation Certification Assessment Rules.

There are other administrative activities that also require review by AER’s technical experts. For a list of other reasons why further review may be necessary, see the administrative rules for reclamation certificates.