Name Description Date
News Release 2010-12-07 ERCB enhancing its role in technology development December 07, 2010
News Release 2010-12-17 ERCB conditional approval of final two tailings plans ends initial phase of Directive 074 December 07, 2010
News Release 2010-12-03 ERCB streamlines in situ oil sands application process December 03, 2010
News Release 2010-11-25 ERCB invites feedback on changes to well spacing framework November 25, 2010
News Release 2010-11-22 ERCB releases Alberta flaring and venting report November 22, 2010
ERCB Statement 2010-11-15 ERCB corrects CBC story on CNRL tailings pond November 15, 2010
News Release 2010-09-22 Joint panel reconvenes hearing after Mikisew Cree First Nation withdraws objection and constitutional questions September 22, 2010
News Release 2010-09-21 Joint panel temporarily adjourns hearing into Total Joslyn Mine to deliberate rulings September 21, 2010
News Release 2010-09-20 ERCB conditionally approves tailings plans for Shell Muskeg river project September 20, 2010
News Release 2010-09-16 ERCB approves TOTAL E&P Canada Ltd. upgrader with conditions September 16, 2010
News Release 2010-08-11 ERCB conditionally approves tailings plan for Imperial Kearl project August 11, 2010
News Release 2010-08-04 ERCB field surveillance report: Energy industry compliance at all-time high and record-low pipeline failure rate in 2009 August 04, 2010
News Release 2010-07-12 ERCB investigation into blowout underway July 12, 2010
News Release 2010-06-17 ERCB conditionally approves Suncor plan to reduce fluid tailings June 17, 2010
News Release 2010-06-08 ERCB conditionally approves Petro-Canada Sullivan Creek sour-gas pipeline, well, and facility applications June 08, 2010
News Release 2010-06-05 ERCB report shows 14% growth in Alberta oil sands production in 2009 June 05, 2010
News Release 2010-04-23 ERCB approves Fort Hills and Syncrude tailings pond plans with conditions April 23, 2010
News Release 2010-03-12 Well-control crews halt gas flow at well blowout near Hythe March 12, 2010
News Release 2010-03-08 Control efforts for well blowout begin near Hythe March 08, 2010
News Release 2010-02-24 ERCB on scene of well blowout near Hythe February 24, 2010
News Release 2010-02-23 ERCB releases operator and ERCB reports on Joslyn Creek Project surface steam release incident February 23, 2010