Announcement - December 5, 2014


Announcement - December 5, 2014

As part of ongoing efforts at the Alberta Energy Regulator to move closer to becoming a best-in-class regulator, the Operations Division has established a new Pipeline Sector.

The AER recognizes the importance and uniqueness of the pipeline industry and that pipelines cross all sectors.

The new Pipeline Sector is part of the Industry Operations Branch under the leadership of Mark Taylor, vice president, and David Helmer, director.

The creation of the Pipeline Sector is intended to

  • increase effectiveness in the regulatory framework,
  • enhance performance monitoring with a goal to understand and improve industry performance, and
  • engage industry in dialogue on emerging pipeline issues.

Please feel free to contact Jenny Miller (, 403-297-2529), Mark Taylor (, 403-297-3382), or David Helmer (, 403-340-5578) to learn more about the Pipeline Sector.