Announcements - March 31, 2011


Announcements - March 31, 2011

ERCB Supports Safe Digging Month in April

Public safety is a top priority for the Energy Resources Conservation Board.  With more than 400,000 km of oil and gas industry pipeline underground, the ERCB is a strong supporter of Safe Ground Disturbance Practices and the principles of Damage Prevention.  ERCB legislation has for many years included detailed regulations for conducting safe excavation in the vicinity of buried pipelines.

The ERCB is pleased to support the Alberta Damage Prevention Council's proclamation of April as Safe Digging Month.  April is the traditional start of the summer digging season and is a perfect time to remind ourselves of the need to conduct ground disturbance work safely. 

The ERCB invites everyone involved with ground disturbance activities to learn more at:

Alberta Damage Prevention Council

ERCB Brochure on Safe Excavation Near Pipelines