News Release 2012-08-22


News Release 2012-08-22

News Release 2012-08-22 (NR2012-08)

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ERCB responding to Penn West pipeline release near Red Deer

For immediate release

Calgary, Alberta (Aug 22, 2012)… The ERCB is responding to a pipeline release that occurred on Tuesday, August 21, at a Penn West pipeline located about 10 kilometres east of Red Deer.

The pipeline is shut in, clean up is underway, and the company has environmental experts on site. The leak occurred on dry ground and has not impacted any waterways or standing water. A nearby slough is being protected by building berms around its perimeter.

Penn West estimates that up to 300m³ of produced water has been released. The ERCB has not confirmed the company’s estimate.

There were no injuries and no evacuations as a result of the release. All appropriate agencies have been notified.

The ERCB is investigating and will continue to work with the company, and other agencies to ensure that appropriate measures to clean up and mitigate the spill continue to occur.

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