Peace River Performance Dashboard


Peace River Performance Dashboard

The Peace River performance dashboard is a reporting tool that provides information on progress in reducing flaring, venting, and incinerating and increasing gas conservation in the Peace River area.

The AER has established six outcomes and 12 key performance measures that will be updated quarterly, based on the Report of Recommendations on Odours and Emissions in the Peace River Area.

These 12 performance measures are outlined in the Summary of Peace River Outcomes document.

Outcome 1
Reduce and prevent gas venting from all sources associated with heavy oil and bitumen operations in the Peace River area.

Outcome 2
Reduce flaring and incineration of gas associated with heavy oil and bitumen operations in the Peace River area.

Outcome 3
Increase conservation of gas in the Peace River area from heavy oil and bitumen operations.

Outcome 4
Reduction of odour events to the residents of the Peace River area.

Outcome 5
Increase public confidence in the AER regulatory system in the Peace River area.

Outcome 6
Meet regional targets in the Peace River area.

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