AER Strategic Plan

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Becoming Best In Class

The Alberta Energy Regulator is recognized as best-in-class,
ensuring the safe, environmentally responsible development of
energy resources for the benefit of all Albertans.

For 76 years, Alberta’s energy regulator has changed and adapted to respond to technological advances in oil and gas development, changing societal expectations, and new responsibilities. What has been constant is Alberta’s commitment to protecting the public, safeguarding the environment, and conserving our valuable resources. The Alberta Energy Regulator continues this rich regulatory tradition as the single organization responsible for all aspects of energy resource regulation in Alberta, from exploration and development, to production and maintenance, to abandonment and reclamation.

The AER seeks to do more than regulate well, we seek to transform ourselves into a best-in-class energy regulator, recognized at home and around the world for excellence, innovation, and delivering measurable results. The AER 2014–17 strategic plan will help us reach that vision by being protective, effective, efficient, and credible. With performance measures and targets to allow us to monitor our progress and report on our results, the AER will deliver on initiatives that improve public safety, make us more efficient and effective, and allow us to build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

The AER is transforming to meet the needs of Albertans today and to lead the next era of energy regulation.

We’re committed to keeping Albertans informed about our work and how we’re delivering on our four key priorities.  Click on the  priorities below to learn more.