Approval Transfers

Beginning August 21, 2017, the AER will review all related transfer applications at the same time and issue a decision after a minimum of 30 days.

Companies are strongly encouraged to submit all related transfer applications at the same time. However, the AER will bundle them for review if they are submitted separately.

Application Submission

How to submit an application depends on the application type. The following sets out where to submit the different application types.

Digital Data Submission (DDS) System

  • Enhanced oil recovery, experimental, and gas storage transfer of approvals. An application for transfer of a disposal scheme is no longer required because the transfer of the licensee of wells approved under the scheme triggers the transfer of the scheme.
  • Oil sands projects transfer of approvals. Includes commercial, primary, experimental, enhanced recovery, disposal, and mining.
  • Oilfield waste management facility transfer of approvals.
  • Licences. Includes AER-licensed wells, facilities, and pipelines.

Electronic Transfer System

  • Transfer of surface dispositions issued under the Public Lands Act.

Email epea.wa.applications

  • Transfers of approvals under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.
  • Transfers of approvals or licences under the Water Act.


  • Coal mining transfer of approvals under the Coal Conservation Act.

Transfer Application Processes

All applications are published on the Public Notice of Application page. The AER initially reviews the applications to ensure that they include all required information. An application may be closed if it does not meet the requirements.

If an application is complete, the AER will conduct a technical review. Supplemental information may be requested during this review period.

The Transfer Application Processes document provides detailed information regarding transfer application processes for

  • scheme approval transfers,
  • licence transfers,
  • land use assignments under the Public Land Act,
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act transfers, and
  • Water Act approvals and licences.