Disposition Renewals

Disposition holders will be able to apply for renewal of their dispositions through the Electronic Disposition System (EDS) for Alberta Energy Regulator dispositions.

The renewal process will apply to the following disposition types:

  • Licence of occupation (LOC)
  • Mineral surface lease (MSL)
  • Miscellaneous lease (MLL)
  • Pipeline agreement (PLA)
  • Pipeline installation lease (PIL)
  • Vegetation control easement (RVC)

Oil sands exploration programs, coal exploration programs, and geophysical applications are NOT considered under this new process.

How to Apply for Renewal

  • In EDS, select “Disposition Maintenance,” then “Renewals.” Enter client ID.
  • Select “New Dispositions.” Upload a statutory declaration and application form for each disposition for which an application for renewal is being submitted. Follow remaining prompts.

Renewals cannot be requested for any struck, cancelled, in receivership, or bankrupt corporations. Dispositions for which renewal requests are submitted must be past half their term, cannot have a renewal already requested (which has not been rejected), and the surface activity must not have a record of no entry on file.

The AER will not send formal renewal notifications to disposition holders. It is the disposition holder’s responsibility to submit renewal applications as legislated.