Formal Disposition Renewal and Amendment/Renewal


Formal Disposition Renewal and Amendment/Renewal

Effective April 28, 2017, Alberta Environment and Parks in collaboration with Alberta Energy Regulator, is improving the application requirements for submitting an application for a public lands disposition. Visit our frequently asked questions for further information.

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Approved dispositions are typically issued a term of four years or more. Before the term expires, the disposition holder may apply to renew the disposition under section 18 of the Public Lands Administration Regulation (PLAR). Section (18)(1) of the PLAR states, “A holder of a disposition may, at any time after at least one half of the term of the disposition has expired but no later than one year before the expiry of its term, make an application to the director to renew the disposition.”

Application Guidelines for Renewals and Amendments/Renewals

A disposition holder can apply for a renewal by submitting a renewal application and a statutory declaration or by submitting an amendment application and asking for tenure.

In order to use the renewal application, there must be no change to the disposition, the disposition must have a valid survey plan on file, AND the disposition has to have been entered (i.e., site entry notification has occurred). If these criteria cannot be met, the application must be submitted through the amendment process stream. The amendment process stream captures any dispositions that have changed since the original approval or authority was issued. All documentation that relates to an amendment must be submitted with the application. The amendment and renewal will be processed at the same time.

Application Submission

As of September 5, 2014, all renewal applications must be submitted through the electronic disposition system (EDS).

Review Process for Renewals and Amendments/Renewal

Once the renewal or amendment/renewal application is received, the application is reviewed for administrative completeness. This part of the review ensures that the documents required for the application have been attached, that they relate to the application, and that other administrative requirements have been met. Any application that does not meet the administrative requirements will be rejected.

Once the administrative review is completed, the technical review begins. A detailed review is done to ensure that the information in the application accurately represents the current use and continued use of the disposition. During the review, it may be necessary to ask the applicant for more information to clarify the information submitted. If more information is required, a supplemental information request (SIR) is sent to the applicant by e-mail with a submission deadline. An application may be rejected if an SIR response is not received within the specified timeframe.

Upon conclusion of the technical review, a recommendation will be made. The reviewer may recommend that the application be rejected, refused, or renewed. If renewal is recommended, additional terms and conditions may form part of the recommendation.

All renewal applications will be published on the Public Notice of Application (PNoA) page on the AER website to encourage public participation in the approval process.

All decisions are appealable:

Application Timelines

There are currently no timelines for the amendment/renewal process.