Application 1866519

Notice of Scheduling of Hearing
Proceeding ID 353
TransCanada Pipelines Limited
White Spruce Pipeline Project

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) will hold a written hearing with oral final argument for TransCanada Pipelines Limited’s White Spruce Pipeline Project. The date and location of the oral final argument will be determined after the close of the evidentiary part of the hearing.

The AER issued a notice of hearing on June 1, 2017, and received requests to participate in the hearing. Two parties were granted participation. Later one party decided not to participate.

Description of the White Spruce Pipeline Project
TransCanada applied under the Public Lands Act for authorization to use public lands and under the Pipeline Act for authorization to construct and operate two crude oil pipelines. The first pipeline would be about 71 kilometres (km) long, starting at Legal Subdivision (LSD) 3, Section 10, Township 95, Range 11, West of the 4th Meridian, northwest of Fort McKay, and ending west of Fort McMurray at LSD 06-34-089-14W4M. The second pipeline would be about 50 metres long and would be located west of Fort McKay at LSD 02-10-095-11W4M. The proposed pipelines would be licensed for 0.06 moles per kilomole (0.006 per cent) hydrogen sulphide.

Where can I find information about the applications and the hearing?
For a copy of the hearing materials, including the applications, contact

TransCanada Pipelines Limited
450 – 1 Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 5H1
Attention: Murray Sondergard
Telephone: 403-920-2046
Fax: 403-920-2285

For information on AER procedures, contact
Greg McLean, Hearing Coordinator
Alberta Energy Regulator
Suite 1000, 250 – 5 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0R4
Phone: 403-297-3232

Issued at Calgary, Alberta, on July 31, 2017.