Maps, Map Viewers, & Shapefiles


Maps, Map Viewers, & Shapefiles

Refer to Products & Services Catalogue for a full list of Maps and Shapefiles as well as sizing, pricing, and formats available.

The AER’s Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) has a large selection of maps of Alberta depicting surficial and bedrock geology, drift thickness, groundwater/hydrogeology, and mineral resources. To find out more, visit AGS Geological Maps of Alberta.

Maps and Shapefiles 

Abandoned Well Spatial Data Shapefile (updated daily)

Revised Abandoned Well Locations Shapefile (updated monthly).   

Enhanced pipeline shapefiles & CSV files [ZIP] (updated daily). For shapefiles, refer to the metadata XML included in the zipped file for all attributes. For CSV files, refer to this layout document.   
Pipeline Installations

If you have any questions about the Enhanced Pipeline Shapefiles and CSV files, please contact

List of Wells in Alberta Shapefile ( ST37 - updated monthly)
- details and other file formats for this data is found on the ST37 webpage

Table of Formations, Alberta (2015)
- See change log for latest Table of Formations updates. [PDF] - September 2015

Zones Available for Shale Gas Fluids (2010)