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The AER publishes several manuals and reports and even a newsletter to help keep interested parties apprised of AER requirements, updates, reference tools, and other relevant information.

AER Focus Newsletter
AER Focus is a quarterly newsletter meant to inform our public, industry, and other stakeholders of Alberta Energy Regulator initiatives and activities that support our vision of becoming a best-in-class regulator.

AER Annual Report
The Annual Report provides insight into the AER’s operations and achievements, and maps out how it intends to become a best-in-class regulator. It includes details of the AER’s strategic plan, operational activities, governance structure, and finances.

The AER’s manuals are a consolidation of existing requirements and do not set out new or amended requirements. Manuals are primarily designed as reference documents for AER staff to ensure consistency in pursuing regulatory compliance.

Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework (ICAF)
The ICAF outlines the AER’s vision, strategy, and approach to ensuring Alberta’s energy industry follows the rules.

These reports are usually of a technical nature and are issued as unique documents with unique numbers (year-letter) for classification: (e.g., Report 90-A).

This section also includes unnumbered AER reports and reports published by other agencies that are distributed by the AER’s Information Product Services Section as a convenience for AER customers.

Investigation Reports
An investigation of an incident is a process that determines the facts leading to an incident. This assesses root cause, identifies controls to eliminate or mitigate risks, contributing factors and the sequence of events leading to the failure. The process may identify required action by the licensee, non-compliance against regulations and may include recommendations to mitigate the risk of future occurrence. The findings are included in a report that is published on the website.

Maps and Map Viewers
The AER distributes a selection of maps related to energy and energy resource development in Alberta.

Construction and Topographical Information: The polyconic-projection method of construction is employed wherever possible. Topographical information is obtained from planimetric maps issued by the Alberta Department of Energy, Department of Sustainable Resource Development, and the Province of Alberta.

Size: Map sizes are noted in centimetres
Prices: Purchase price is given per map unless stated otherwise
How to Order: Maps are ordered from the AER’s Data and Distribution Section. See details in How to Order section.

The AER supplies pipeline maps digitally. The following standards apply:
10TM Projection
North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83) Coordinates
Central Meridian = -115
Scale 0.9992
False Easting +500,000 m
False Northing 0.0 m