Commodity Prices Data


Updated March 2018

The report data sets are available to download in excel (xlsx) format using the download button. The report figures are available in Tableau format by clicking on the Figure numbers listed below. The report tables are available in HTML format by clicking on the Table numbers listed below.

Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool that allows users to further filter and alter the visualization of the report figures.

Download Commodity Prices Data (xlsx)

Figure/Table Number Title
Figure 1.1 Price of WTI
Figure 1.2 U.S. crude oil daily production and price of WTI
Figure 1.3 Hurricane Harvey's Path
Figure 1.4 Price of Canadian Light Sweet
Figure 1.5 Price of Western Canadian Select
Figure 1.6 Henry Hub natural gas price
Figure 1.7 AECO-C natural gas price
Figure 1.8 Natural gas, light-medium oil, and NGL prices
Figure 1.9 U.S./Canadian dollar exchange rate
Figure 1.10 Average price of Alberta natural gas at plant gate
Table 1.1 Crude oil prices
Table 1.2 Natural gas prices