Natural Gas Storage


Updated August 2017

The natural gas industry uses commercial storage to allow short-term gas delivery; the AER does not consider volumes of stored natural gas (commercial and noncommercial) in projecting long-term production. Several pools in the province are being used for commercial natural gas storage as an efficient means of balancing supply with fluctuating market demand. Other noncommercial gas storage schemes in the province are not included in this category. The locations of existing gas storage facilities along the pipeline system within Alberta are provided in Figure S5.9 [Tableau], in addition to border points for gas removals from the province.

Figure S5.9
Storage levels remained strong from January to December 2016. Storage capacity as of the end of December was almost full, with storage levels close to reaching an all-time high. In addition, natural gas injections for all storage schemes exceeded withdrawals by 125 million cubic metres (106 m3), as can be seen in Table S5.11 [HTML]. Storage levels also increased in 2015 with net additions of 2 551 106 m3.

Table S5.11