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As part of the AER’s mandate, the AER provides credible information about Alberta’s energy resources that can be used for good decision making. To this end, the AER issues a report every year that gives stakeholders independent and comprehensive information on the state of reserves and supply and demand for Alberta’s diverse energy resources: crude bitumen, crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, sulphur, and coal.

This year’s report includes estimates of initial established reserves (recoverable quantities estimated to be in the ground before any production), remaining established reserves (recoverable quantities known to be left in the ground), and ultimate potential (recoverable quantities that have already been discovered plus those that have yet to be discovered).

It also includes a 10-year supply and demand forecast for Alberta’s energy resources from 2016 through to 2025 (the forecast period). Additionally, this report discusses commodity prices, capital expenditures in the oil and gas sector, and transportation and facilities related to Alberta’s energy resources.

Electronic data files for crude oil and natural gas reserves as well as PDF maps of designated fields, oil sands areas, development entities, and related ST98 documents are available for purchase in the AER’s product catalogue which can be found here.

The ST98-2016 executive summary [PDF] and the report infographic [PDF] are available for download in PDF format.

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The following AER staff contributed to this report:

Principal Authors:

    Reserves: Jim Jenkins, Kevin Parks, Michael Teare, Sharleen Overland, and Shauna Miller

    Supply/Demand and Economics: Afshan Mahmood, Afshin Honarvar, Andrea Willwerth, Carol Crowfoot, Charles Tamblyn, Glen Tsui, Mussie Yemane, and Shamus Hardie

Data: Amber Sims, David Hiebert, Glen Tsui, Joe Li, Judy VanHorne, MaryAnne Perdek, Michael Schaeffer, Michael Teare, and Shirley McGuffin

Production: Aaron Dalton, Emilie Parks, Janet Grein, Jennifer Wagner, Jessica Riches, Joe Li, Karen Logan, Kristie Bogle, MaryAnne Perdek, Michael Schaeffer, Nicole House, and Robert DeGrace

Web Team: Candace Bourque, Kaylen Gray-Wesley, Kevin Nazareth, and Kirk Morrison

IT Support: Ania Bergman, Peter Yang, and Sara John

Communications Advisor: Jordan Fitzgerald and Tracie Moore

Coordinator: Andrea Willwerth