AER Bulletin 2014-18

AER Bulletin 2014-18: EPAP Reporting Moving to PETRINEX

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EPAP Reporting Moving to PETRINEX

May 09, 2014

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is currently making improvements to the Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP), which will move the IT functionality of EPAP to PETRINEX. The transition should be complete sometime in October 2014.

The EPAP Stakeholder Committee—which has representation from CAPP, EPAC, Alberta Energy, and the AER—has been kept informed of key decisions as the work has progressed. The existing AER EPAP Operator Handbook will be revised to reflect the refinements being made.

As AER and PETRINEX staff prepare to inform Alberta operators, a detailed communication plan has been prepared. This plan lays out several activities, including

  • identifying “change leaders” at all Alberta operating companies,
  • scheduling change leader meetings,
  • writing an EPAP industry readiness guide,
  • preparing online training modules,
  • tracking readiness, and
  • testing industry interoperability.

Operators will continue to use the current AER EPAP system for EPAP declaration submissions, associated action item communications, and compliance assessment reports until an assigned production auditor has contacted them with additional instructions or until a formal announcement has been made indicating that EPAP reporting has successfully transitioned to PETRINEX.

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