Bulletin 2011-03

Bulletin 2011-03: Electronic Application Submission (EAS) Phase III: Implementation, Rollout, and Training Sessions for Pipeline/Pipeline Installation Licence Applications and Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules, Section 6

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Electronic Application Submission (EAS) Phase III: Implementation, Rollout, and Training Sessions for Pipeline/Pipeline Installation Licence Applications and Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules, Section 6

Feb 17, 2011

This bulletin identifies the implementation, rollout schedule, and stakeholder training sessions related to the EAS system project’s Phase III—i.e., the submission of electronic pipeline/pipeline installation applications. It also announces the release of a revised section of Directive 056 that includes updates necessary for EAS implementation for pipelines.


In October 2002, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)—formerly the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB)—released General Bulletin 2002-17 announcing the development and implementation of its Integrated Application Process and the Phase I component of the EAS system project, the Electronic Application Submission system. Phase I was implemented on October 1, 2003, incorporating the ability of stakeholders to electronically submit well licence applications.

Phase II—submission of surface facility applications through EAS—was implemented on September 26, 2005. The ERCB is now prepared to move forward with Phase III to allow for the submission of pipeline/pipeline installations through EAS.

EAS Phase III Update Pipeline Licence Applications

All pipeline/pipeline installation licence applications required under Directive 056 will be included in this EAS Phase III release. All stakeholders will be able to electronically submit applications for new and amended pipeline/pipeline installation licences as of February 28, 2011.

The transition to the EAS system will require that the existing process for registering pipeline/ pipeline installation applications be decommissioned. To accommodate the transition, new or licence amendment applications using old pipeline schedules (from Directive 056, June 2008) will not be accepted after February 24, 2011. The new schedules and the revised “How To” section will be available on the Directive 056 website. Applications submitted using older versions of the paper pipeline schedules after this date will not be accepted and will result in the application being closed.

Although the ERCB recognizes that there may be an interim need to submit hard copy pipeline applications, it encourages the use of the electronic filing system. The ERCB will continue to accept pipeline applications submitted using the most current schedules until August 31, 2011, after which all applications are to be submitted through EAS.

Submission of applications through EAS will require a digital data submission (DDS) user ID and password. Stakeholders currently submitting electronic wells and facilities applications will have an internal DDS administrator who should be contacted to create additional user accounts or to help access an existing account. Stakeholders who have not previously used DDS must contact the ERCB’s DDS administrator by e-mail at DDSAdministrator@ercb.ca to request an account. The following is a link to the ERCB’s DDS user guide: https://www3.eub.gov.ab.ca/Eub/Dds/Help/DDSGuide.pdf

As with wells and facilities electronic submissions, applicants will be notified by e-mail of the registration and disposition of a pipeline/pipeline installation application. All documents pertinent to the disposition of the application will be on the ERCB’s Web site so that they can be downloaded and printed by the applicant. The complete application and all public attachments will also be accessible on the ERCB’s website via the Integrated Application Registry (IAR) query screens from the date of registration to 30 days after the disposition of the application. After the 30-day period, all application material will be available from the ERCB’s Information Services Group.

The ERCB will be conducting information sessions to familiarize stakeholders with the electronic filing of pipeline licence applications before the February 28, 2011, release date. Information about registering for upcoming EAS pipeline training sessions can be found on the ERCB’s website in the “What’s New” section of Directive 056.

Directive 056

Parts of Section 6 of Directive 056 (June 2008) have been revised to incorporate changes related to the electronic filing of pipeline licence applications, including revised pipeline application schedules and a revised “How to Complete Pipeline Licence Application Schedules” (Section 6.11). Stakeholders are advised that Sections 6.1 to 6.10 of Directive 056 have yet to be revised to reflect the implementation of EAS pipelines. The ERCB expects to release an updated edition of Directive 056 in the fall of 2011. The following is a summary of the key revisions:

  • Schedules—Schedule 3 has been divided into Schedule 3: Pipeline Licence Application (formerly Steps 1 through 6) and Schedule 3.2: Technical/Environmental Information (formerly Steps 7 through 11).
  • Base maps—Submission of digitized base maps will now be accepted. Conditions found in Section 6.9.14 (42) of Directive 56 still apply.
  • Substance changes—Substance change applications now require only one complete set of Schedules 1, 3, 3.1, and 3.2.
  • Unlicensed lines—A new type of application has been added for licensing self-disclosed unlicensed lines.

The ERCB will continue to post frequently asked questions (FAQs) and Directive 056 errata on its Directive 056 Web page when necessary, and it encourages stakeholders to monitor the page for future changes, enhancements, and clarifications. Direct questions about Directive 056 to:

Facilities Applications Help Line: (403) 297-4369 ext. 2 or
E-mail: Directive56.help@ercb.ca

The ERCB considers feedback from its stakeholders to be valuable for the enhancement, monitoring, development, and implementation of its electronic filing system. Comments and concerns about the Phase III EAS pipelines project may be directed to any members of the project business team listed below:

Project Executive Sponsor: Stephen Smith (403) 297-8306
Facility Applications Representative:Robert Macleod (403) 297-5270
EAS Administrator: EAS.Administrator@ercb.ca

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