Bulletin 2011-07

Bulletin 2011-07: Directive 066: Requirements and Procedures for Pipelines Reissued

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Directive 066: Requirements and Procedures for Pipelines Reissued

Mar 09, 2011

In Section 66(f)(ix) of Appendix 1 of Directive 066 the following noncompliant event inadvertently had the letter “L” placed next to it, indicating the associated requirement has been risk assessed as Low:

“Underground tank(s) not tested at the required three-year frequency; operator cannot demonstrate tank integrity.”

The requirement has previously been risk assessed as High in accordance with the ERCB's predetermined risk assessment process under Directive 019: Compliance Assurance.

Directive 066 is being reissued with the above change. As well, references to EUB have been changed to ERCB, and references to Guides have been changed to Directives. No other changes have been made.

Directive 066 is available on the ERCB Web site www.ercb.ca under Industry Zone Rules, Regulations, and Requirements Directives. The directive is also available in from ERCB Information Services, 10 Floor, 250-5th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2R 0R4, telephone (403)-297-8311, e-mail: infoservices@ercb.ca..

Questions regarding Directive 066 and pipeline inspections may be directed to the ERCB Field Centre where your licensed operations reside.

Bonnyville Field Centre (780) 826-5352
Drayton Valley Field Centre (780) 542-5182
Grande Prairie Field Centre (780) 538-5138
High Level Field Centre (780) 926-5399
Medicine Hat Field Centre (403) 527-3385
Midnapore Field Centre (403) 297-8303
Red Deer Field Centre (403) 340-5454
St. Albert Field Centre (780) 460-3800
Wainwright Field Centre (780) 842-7570

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Roy Graves
Acting Executive Manager
Field Surveillance and Operations Branch