Bulletin 2011-16

Bulletin 2011-16: Mandatory Electronic Audit Submissions – Facilities Applications

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Mandatory Electronic Audit Submissions – Facilities Applications

Jun 07, 2011

Since 2003, the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) has provided industry with the opportunity to make electronic submissions. The ability to submit materials electronically enhances both the quality and timeliness of incoming submissions and reduces costs for both industry and the ERCB.

As 70 per cent of all audit materials for facilities applications are already being submitted electronically, the ERCB will implement mandatory electronic submissions of these audit materials to BOS.Admin@ercb.ca effective July 1, 2011. As of this date, hard copy submissions will no longer be accepted.

For questions about the electronic submission of audit materials call the Directive 056 Helpline at 403-297-4369 or send an e-mail to Directive56.Help@ercb.ca.

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Stephen Smith
Executive Manager
Applications Branch