Bulletin 2013-11

Bulletin 2013-11: ERCB production outage

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ERCB production outage

Apr 08, 2013

The ERCB is experiencing a production outage that is affecting many programs and impeding the organization’s ability to receive applications electronically. ERCB software programs, including core technologies, are unavailable to staff or external stakeholders. As a result, the ERCB cannot receive energy applications filed by industry, and ERCB-generated reports are unavailable. Incident reporting and emergency response capabilities are not impacted.

The Electronic Applications Submission (EAS) system is unavailable, and the ERCB cannot accept applications for wells, facilities, pipelines, or oilfield waste management facilities. Dispositions of such applications are also unavailable. Companies experiencing critical operational constraints due to this outage may contact Paul Forbes, Facilities Applications Nonroutine Section Leader, at 403-297-3199. The processing of applications submitted prior to the outage will resume once systems return to operation.

Resources applications cannot be submitted nor can the ERCB disposition active applications at this time. The application types impacted are those listed in the following directives: Directive 050, Directive 055, Directive 058, Directive 062, and Directive 065. Deadlines for the submission of supplemental information on active applications will be extended or the information may be sent directly to the application processor by email. If you have questions about the submission of resources applications, contact resources.applications@ercb.ca.

The outage has also affected the ERCB’s ability to fulfill information product orders from Information Services and disrupted all activities at the Core Research Centre (CRC). If you have core tables or drill cutting examinations booked, please contact the centre at 403-297-6400 prior to arriving at the CRC.

Licensees must email Field Incident Support (FIS) notifications to the respective field centre until the system disruption is over. Activities under Liability Management, including processing license transfer applications, security deposit transactions, and approvals to hold EUB licenses (Directive 067 applications), will resume once the system returns to operation. Additionally, the Digital Data Submission (DDS) system is unavailable.

Questions can be directed to the ERCB Customer Contact Centre: 403-297-8311 (local), 1-855-297-8311 (toll-free), or inquiries@ercb.ca.

ERCB staff identified system errors on April 3 and took immediate action to resolve the issues. As a result, the ERCB has not been able to accept industry applications and other submissions since April 4. ERCB staff are working 24 hours a day to restore operations. A resolution date has not yet been confirmed.

Further updates will be posted to the ERCB website as information becomes available.

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Gordon Bell
Acting Chief Information Officer