Announcements - November 2, 2010


Announcements - November 2, 2010

Addition of New Oilfield Waste Codes

Effective as of the October 2010 production month, the ERCB is implementing the following additional oilfield waste codes to better define specific oilfield wastes generated:

• HYDVCH – Hydrovac Material (chemical/solvent impacted)
• HYDVCO – Hydrovac Material (crude oil/condensate impacted)
• HYDVHM – Hydrovac Material (mercury/heavy metal impacted)
• HYDVPT – Hydrovac Material (pesticide/herbicide impacted)
• HYDVPW – Hydrovac Material (produced/salt water impacted)
• HYDVRO – Hydrovac Material (refined fuels/oils impacted)
• HYDVSU – Hydrovac Material (sulphur impacted)

These additional oilfield waste codes will be added to Appendix 3: ERCB Waste Codes and Names when Directive 047: Waste Reporting Requirements for Oilfield Waste Management Facilities is updated and Table 7.4: Waste Management Table when the consolidation of Directive 058: Oilfield Waste Management Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry is released.

Hydrovac waste will also be added to Directive 058 Table 9.1 Reportable Oilfield Wastes.  Hydrovac wastes may be DOW or non-DOW and must be included in the annual oilfield waste disposition report.

For questions related to Directive 047, please contact

For questions related to the annual oilfield waste disposition report, in accordance with Directive 058, please contact