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Charlene Graham

Charlene Graham

Executive Vice President, Law Branch, and AER General Counsel

In September 2018, Charlene Graham became the executive vice president of the Law Branch and general counsel of the AER. Ms. Graham has over 20 years of experience in environmental regulatory law. At the AER, she leads the Law Branch, which is responsible for providing legal and strategic advice to the entire organization.

Ms. Graham joined the AER as legal counsel in June 2013.  She has provided key legal and strategic advice on a number of major initiatives, including the Integrated Decision Approach, Area-Based Regulation, and the Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework.

Ms. Graham is counsel to the chair and board of directors on all matters, including corporate governance, enterprise risk management, the conduct of board meetings, and annual financial statement review and disclosure. Ms. Graham is the AER’s liaison with the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Secretariat, as well as the chair of the AER’s Ethics Committee. In addition, she is responsible for overseeing the drafting of legislation, regulations, directives, and other regulatory documents that the AER administers.

Before joining the AER, Ms. Graham had over twenty-two years’ public sector experience with the Government of Alberta.  She was legal counsel at Alberta Justice, practising primarily in the areas of administrative law and environmental regulatory law. Ms. Graham appeared before the Courts and the Environmental Appeals Board on a variety of matters relating to the Water Act, the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, and the Public Lands Act. In addition, she was instrumental in drafting the AER’s founding legislation, the Responsible Energy Development Act, and its supporting regulations.

Ms. Graham holds an LL.B. from the University of Alberta and was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1991.