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Updated monthly, this statistical report provides data on crude oil and bitumen production, as well as flaring and venting, from batteries. The report contains such details as battery location, type, and operator, among others. It also indicates where conservation of gas has been economically feasible. 

Companies must submit this data to us under Directive 60: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting. The directive sets out requirements for flaring, incinerating, and venting in Alberta at all upstream petroleum industry wells and facilities. 

Read Manual 011: How to Submit Volumetric Data to the AER to understand how this data is submitted to us and how to interpret this report. 

Related Information

Learn more about our flaring and venting requirements.

For an annual summary of the data and related information, see ST60B: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring and Venting Report

We publish statistical reports on a regular basis. Find more information on our Statistical Reports page.

Access the Report

We update this report in the last week of every month. Data submitted for this report is published one month after we receive it.

Current issue - February 2019  [XLS] Current issue - February 2019 [CSV]
ST60 2018 [XLSX] ST60 2018 [CSV]
ST60 2017 [XLSX] ST60 2017 [TXT]
ST60 2016 [XLSX] ST60 2016 [TXT]
ST60 2015 [XLSX] ST60 2015 [TXT]
ST60 2014 [XLSX] ST60 2014 [TXT]
ST60 2013 [XLSX] ST60 2013 [TXT]
ST60 2012 [XLSX] ST60 2012 [TXT]
ST60 2011 [XLS] ST60 2011 [TXT]
ST60 2010 [XLS] ST60 2010 [TXT]

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