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Project Application


Our estimated processing time for this application is 30 business days. See our timeline spreadsheet for updates.

Purpose of the Application

We rely on pressure and flow control wells to measure coalbed methane (CBM) resources and reserves in Alberta. Before companies used pressure and flow control wells, measurements were required for every well that produced CBM. Today, a single pressure and flow control well assesses CBM production within a specified area. For a list of valid control wells, click here.

We regulate the process to rescind control wells, which allows us to remove CBM pressure and flow control wells from a development area. Operators may ask us to remove a control well for several reasons, such as when the well

  • overlaps with another control well in a certain area, meaning it can be removed with no loss of coverage to any well;
  • has mechanical problems, such as failed compressors, making it unable to produce any longer;
  • has low or no productivity, such as when it is near or at the end of its life;
  • can be replaced by another control well with better vertical coverage; or
  • falls within Subsurface Order 4.

Process Checklist

Submit an Application
Companies must submit applications to rescind CBM pressure and flow control wells through our Digital Data Submission (DDS) system. We will register each application and assign it a reference number.

By submitting an application, the company accepts that its information is no longer confidential.

Review Process

  1. We share all applications on our Public Notice of Application page to encourage public participation in the approval process.
  2. Anyone who believes that they may be directly and adversely affected by an application can file a statement of concern (SOC). If we receive an SOC, it may take us longer to process the application.
  3. The application will be assigned to a subject matter expert for initial review. If information is missing (i.e., the application is not complete), we will close the application. Otherwise, we will proceed with a full technical review. We look at
    • the location of the control well. If it falls within an area covered by the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan or the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, our review will be more stringent;
    • the geologic aspects of the rescission application; and
    • the reason for the rescission request and the effect that removing the control well will have on surrounding wells.
  4. We may request additional information (through a supplemental information request) to complete our technical review.
  5. We will decide to approve, close, or deny the application. If we close it, the applicant may reapply without prejudice. If we deny it, the applicant can file an appeal through our appeal process.
  6. We will provide the applicant with a link to the letter with our decision, which is accessible through the Integrated Application Registry. We will also share our decision on our Publication of Decision page.