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Rules and Directives

We release bulletins to inform industry and Albertans about regulatory activities, such as new regulatory requirements, new programs, or new processes. Bulletins may announce, but do not establish, requirements related to energy development in Alberta.

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Number Name Date
Bulletin 2016-17 New System and Training for Reclamation Certificate Applications June 21, 2016
Bulletin 2016-01 Release of the Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework and Manual 013: Compliance and Enforcement Program; Rescission of Directive 019: Compliance Assurance February 12, 2016
Bulletin 2016-02 Direction for Conservation and Reclamation Submissions Under an Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act Approval for Enhanced Recovery In Situ Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Processing Plants and Oil Production Sites March 01, 2016
Bulletin 2016-03 Suspension Requirements for Wells (Directive 013) March 01, 2016
Bulletin 2016-04 New E-mail Address for Oil Sands Mining and Processing Plants Reports and Plans Submissions March 07, 2016
Bulletin 2016-05 First 2016/17 Orphan Fund Levy March 18, 2016
Bulletin 2016-06 Grande Prairie Field Centre Relocating March 21, 2016
Bulletin 2016-07 Updates to Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations March 31, 2016
Bulletin 2016-08 Release of Manual 014: Liquid Classification and Well Status Fluid Type Determination for Oil and Gas Wells April 05, 2016
Bulletin 2016-09 Alignment of Reclamation Application Process with Responsible Energy Development Act Statement of Concern Requirements April 08, 2016
Bulletin 2016-10 Obligations of Licensees When in Insolvency or When Otherwise Ceasing Operations April 08, 2016
Bulletin 2016-11 Conditions in Alberta Energy Regulator Approvals Relating to Participation in the Cumulative Environmental Management Association April 15, 2016
Bulletin 2016-12 Fort McMurray Wildfire – Emergency Protocol for Oil Sands Operators May 04, 2016
Bulletin 2016-13 Fort McMurray Wildfires – Resuming Operations [Rescinded by Bulletin 2016-20] May 11, 2016
Bulletin 2016-14 Release of New Subsoil Salinity Tool Assessment Checklist May 13, 2016
Bulletin 2016-15 2016 AER Administration Fees (Industry Levy) May 17, 2016
Bulletin 2016-16 Licensee Eligibility – Alberta Energy Regulator Measures to Limit Environmental Impacts Pending Regulatory Changes to Address the Redwater Decision June 20, 2016
Bulletin 2016-18 Application Submission Requirements and Guidance for Reclamation Certificates for Well Sites and Associated Facilities June 21, 2016
Bulletin 2016-19 Reducing Failures of High-Level Shutdown Systems June 30, 2016
Bulletin 2016-20 Fort McMurray Wildfire – AER Recovery Phase Complete July 07, 2016
Bulletin 2016-21 Revision and Clarification on Alberta Energy Regulator’s Measures to Limit Environmental Impacts Pending Regulatory Changes to Address the Redwater Decision July 08, 2016
Bulletin 2016-22 Operational Advisory: Leak Detection July 14, 2016
Bulletin 2016-23 New Soil Endpoint and Post-Disposal Sampling Values Under Directive 050: Drilling Waste Management for Boron, Nickel, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes July 15, 2016
Bulletin 2016-24 Issuance of Directive 085: Fluid Tailings Management for Oil Sands Mining Projects July 14, 2016
Bulletin 2016-25 Second 2016/17 Orphan Fund Levy August 02, 2016
Bulletin 2016-26 Manual 005: Pipeline Inspections Updated August 18, 2016
Bulletin 2016-27 Application Requirements for Activities within the Boundary of a Regional Plan September 02, 2016
Bulletin 2016-28 Issuance of Subsurface Order No. 4 Regarding Coalbed Methane Within the Edmonton and Belly River Groups September 29, 2016
Bulletin 2016-29 Issuance of Subsurface Order No. 5 Regarding the Cardium Formation September 29, 2016
Bulletin 2016-30 Fort McMurray Wildfire – Requirements of Licensees to Report Activities Conducted under Bulletin 2016-12 November 10, 2016
Bulletin 2016-31 Hydraulic fracturing fluid composition data required under Alberta Energy Regulator Directive 59: Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing Requirements will be used by Alberta Energy. December 01, 2016
Bulletin 2016-32 Release of Directive 086: Reservoir Containment Application Requirements for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Projects in the Shallow Athabasca Oil Sands Area December 16, 2016
Bulletin 2016-33 Amendments to Directive 013: Suspension Requirements for Wells December 20, 2016