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Tour Reports and Some Notifications Moving to OneStop

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Release Date: March 11, 2018


The AER is launching a new online process for submitting well drilling and completion data (daily tour reports) and various notifications effective March 29, 2018. The following notification and reporting types will now be submitted through OneStop

  • daily tour reports
  • pipeline construction activities, including new line construction, liner installation, new line test, existing line test, and liner test
  • flaring and venting notifications
  • contraventions associated with flaring and venting operations that require notification under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA)

Additionally, detailed operational inspections will also be handled through OneStop. When we intend to conduct such an inspection, the licensee will be notified, and users will be able to submit the requested information, all through OneStop.

As a result of this launch, you will be unable to submit drilling, completion, abandonments, workover, fracture fluid composition, and water source data using the Digital Data Submission (DDS) system from March 20, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. until March 29, 2018.

The DDS system outage will result in industry having a backlog of digital summary data to submit. When DDS comes back online, industry will have until April 20, 2018, to bring its submissions up to date. No enforcement action related to missing submissions will be taken until after April 20, 2018.

The last day to submit paper daily tour reports to the Core Research Centre is March 28, 2018. Beginning March 29, 2018, daily tour reports will be submitted electronically into OneStop. The process for requesting daily tour reports has not changed. If emergency operational issues arise between March 20, 2018, and March 29, 2018, please contact the Coordination of Information Centre (CIC) at 1-800-222-6514.

Directive Changes

To support this new process, we have updated Directive 059: Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing Requirements and Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting. The updates also come into effect on March 29, 2018.

OneStop Prerequisites

Any company intending to submit a daily operations report, a pipeline construction activity, flaring or venting notification or an associated EPEA contravention, or information related to a detailed operational inspection, will need to ensure that it has completed the following steps before attempting to access OneStop:

  • You must have a valid business associate (BA) code.
  • You must have a valid Digital Data Submissions (DDS) system account. You will use these credentials to log in to OneStop.
  • Your DDS administrators must assign new roles to your DDS users, which may include consulting companies who are submitting on your behalf. The new roles are as follows:
  • Notifications
    • Submit Notification – enables users to access OneStop and submit new notifications. Includes the “Save Notification” and “Search Notification” roles.
    • Save Notification – enables users to access OneStop and save draft notifications. Includes the “Search Notification” role.
    • Search Notification – enables users to access OneStop. Users cannot save or submit notifications.
  • Detailed Operational Inspections
    • Submit Assessment – enables users to access OneStop and submit assessment data. Includes the “Search Assessment” role.
    • Search Assessment – enables users to access OneStop. Users cannot submit assessment information.
  •  Tour reports
    • Submit eTour – enables users to access OneStop and submit a new eTour. Includes the “Search eTour” role.
    • Search eTour – enables users to access OneStop. Users cannot submit eTours.

For More Information

Training on the OneStop platform is available.

If you have questions about any aspect of OneStop, please contact the AER’s Customer Contact Centre by phone at 403-297-8311 (1-855-297-8311 toll free) or by email at @email.

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