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Manual Process for Issuing Approvals for Temporary Field Authorizations, Seismic Exploration Permits, and Formal Land Dispositions

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Release Date: August 09, 2018


Due to a fire, some systems that we share with the Government of Alberta (e.g., GLIMPS) are offline. We will therefore be manually processing applications for temporary field authorizations (TFAs), seismic exploration permits, and formal land disposition and issuing temporary approvals by email until the systems are restored. This process will have no impact on confidentiality.

Companies will still be able to submit new geophysical applications and TFA applications as usual. However, we are unable to process TFA applications that require documentation on First Nations consultation from the Aboriginal Consultation Office unless supplied by the applicant. We are also unable to accept new applications for formal land dispositions.

Processing Timelines

Applicants can expect turnaround times to be slower until the systems are fully restored. We anticipate that decisions will take an additional 5–10 business days beyond regular timelines.

Once systems are restored, the AER will issue standard approvals.

For any questions, contact our Customer Contact Centre by telephone at 403-297-8311 or via email to @email.

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Mark Taylor
Executive Vice President