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Updated Alberta Environment and Parks Master Schedule of Standards and Conditions

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Release Date: November 30, 2018


On November 22, 2018, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) updated the Master Schedule of Standards and Conditions (MSSC). This affects all AER applications under the Public Lands Act. This update includes three new sections covering the themes, in situ, reservoir, and geophysical.

The Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT), Alberta Public Lands Glossary of Terms, Pre-Application Requirements for Formal Dispositions, and table A2 in the Public Lands Administrative Regulation have been updated to align with the updated standards and conditions. LAT reports are valid for 120 days from the date they were run and will continue to be accepted.

For further information regarding the MSSC, visit the Alberta Environment and Parks website at

For questions relating to how this update affects AER applications, please contact the AER Customer Contact Centre at @email.