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Jul 21
Regulatory Change Report Published each Thursday, the Regulatory Change Report is a one-stop source for both industry and public to learn about the AER’s regulatory initiatives.
Jul 15
Bulletin 2016-23 New Soil Endpoint and Post-Disposal Sampling Values Under Directive 050: Drilling Waste Management for Boron, Nickel, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes
Jul 14
Bulletin 2016-22 Operational Advisory: Leak Detection
Jul 14
News Release 2016-07-14 New Rules Target Tailings Ponds
Jul 14
Bulletin 2016-24 Issuance of Directive 085: Fluid Tailings Management for Oil Sands Mining Projects


Spotlight on...

Seismicity in Alberta

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has announced new seismic monitoring and reporting requirements for hydraulic fracturing operators in the Fox Creek area to ensure safe, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of energy resources.

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