Brian Fleck

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Dr. Brian Fleck

Board Director

Dr. Brian Fleck has been a professor at the University of Alberta since 2000, where he has also held the positions of Associate Chair, Provost Fellow, and Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for five years. During his time as department chair, he led a strategic 50% growth in the number of both professors and undergraduate students and incorporated safety and risk management into the curriculum.

Dr. Fleck is an active entrepreneur and consultant, and has an extensive career working in energy, environment, and education, having also worked for the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), Concord Environmental, British Gas in Loughborough, UK, and the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.

Some of his key research areas include a six year developmental project for design and similarity relationships for effervescent bitumen atomizers used in heavy oil upgrading, studying the atomization and combustion characteristics for novel fuels in IC engines, the design of SAGD produced water treatment systems for low cost cleanup of boiler blowdown water, developing engineering studies in heating and ventilation, and studying small wind turbines for microgrids or off-grid use, where he recently began a project assessing cost effective ways of providing renewable energy power generation to off-grid communities in northern Canada.

Brian received his PhD in natural gas combustion from Queen’s University in 1998, holds a master’s degree in which he studied numerical modelling of thermal convection from Universite Laval, Quebec, and an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta. He also holds a diploma in fluid dynamics from Von Karman Institute in Brussels. Brian has been the on-camera host of two CBC television productions: Project X and The Nature of Things.