Announcement - July 23, 2014


Announcement - July 23, 2014

The Environment and Operational Performance (EOP) Branch has implemented changes to its inspection program that affect how regulated parties are notified when a noncompliance is found during an inspection, audit, or other information review by EOP enforcement and surveillance staff. These changes were made to enable the EOP Branch to create a single inspection program that applies to both the energy resource enactments and the specified enactments. All noncompliant events will now result in the issuance of a “notice of noncompliance.”

Inspectors that use the Field Inspection System (FIS) will issue a notice of noncompliance through FIS informing the regulated party that a noncompliant event has been identified. The record within FIS will qualify as the only formal communication from the EOP Branch regarding inspection findings and the required corrective remedial actions to be taken by the regulated party.

Licensees will continue to receive initial inspection notification e-mails through the Digital Data Submission (DDS) system.

For those compliance activities conducted by the EOP Branch that are not recorded in FIS, the notice of noncompliance will be sent to the regulated party by letter using already established channels (normally by e-mail).

The EOP Branch requires the regulated party’s DDS administrator to distribute the electronic notice of noncompliance to the appropriate person within their organization, specifically to a person with provincial authority to ensure that the required remedial actions are taken.

The process used by the Authorizations Branch and Closure & Liability Branch to notify parties of a noncompliance remains unchanged at this time.