News Release 2011-06-28


News Release 2011-06-28

News Release 2011-06-28 (NR2011-17)

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ERCB approves, with conditions, CNRL crude bitumen project near Minnie Lake

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Calgary, Alberta (Jun 28, 2011)… The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) has issued , which approves, with conditions, an application by CNRL to drill 15 crude bitumen wells from eight well pad locations and construct eight associated multiwell bitumen batteries with no H2S content in the Minnie Lake area. One of the wells will be slant drilled under Minnie Lake, which will be protected by a 250-metre layer of bedrock between the bottom of the lake and the well bore. The Village of Glendon is located approximately 2.9 km southwest of the nearest pad site location.

The ERCB placed four conditions on the approvals, instructing CNRL to:

  • set surface casing for all wells at an elevation of 440 metres above mean sea level,
  • conduct cement evaluation logs of the surface casing in each well after drilling to total depth and provide them to the Board for review and approval after setting the production casing,
  • run cement evaluation logs of the production casing in each well and provide them to the Board for review and approval before perforating the wells, and
  • refrain from conducting drilling operations, with the exception of well site construction operations, from June 1 until after September 5 (Labour Day).

The ERCB is satisfied that surface water and groundwater will be adequately protected given regulatory requirements the ERCB has in place, commitments made by CNRL, and the conditions attached to the Decision. CNRL will not conduct any form of well stimulation (including hydraulic fracturing) as part of its operations for the project. The ERCB also determined that, in the case of the proposed CNRL facilities, conditions do not exist for potentially adverse health effects to residents in the area.

The decision follows a public hearing, the oral portion of which was held in Glendon, Alberta from March 8 through March 10, 2011.

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