Applications & Dispositions


Applications & Dispositions

The AER receives applications for proposed seismic exploration programs and, where appropriate, grants approvals in accordance with applicable legislation for all petroleum and natural gas seismic exploration within the province of Alberta. The AER also oversees day-to-day operations of exploration programs and ensures compliance with relevant legislation, including the following:

  • Exploration Directives
    Schedule 1 of Alberta's Exploration Regulation includes a list of 24 exploration directives. While the regulation describes the "must do" of exploration operations, the directives explain the "how to." The directives are written in plain language to ensure that exploration requirements are easily understood by all readers.

    Each exploration directive is enforced through the specific section of the Mines and Minerals Act and Exploration Regulation referenced by that respective directive.
  • Exploration Restricted Areas 
    Certain lands in Alberta are impacted by seismic operational restrictions and prohibitions. The Government of Alberta has developed an interactive listing of these restricted areas which can be searched by county or municipal district, restricted area number, or legal land description.
Apply for an Exploration Approval
The process itself, in terms of forms and fees, will initially not be significantly different from the previous process at Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. Over time, the AER will assess the program to seek effective methods to reduce duplication and improve processing approaches and timelines.

More information about the submission process for exploration-related applications can be found in exploration directives, and exploration forms within the Applications & Notices section of

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