Incident Reporting

Incident Alerts

The AER’s public incident reporting helps to ensure Albertans are better informed about energy incidents in the province.

The information published below is based on incident information reported to the AER. The AER posts information as soon as possible following its receipt and is not able to verify its accuracy before publication. The information is subject to change as more details become available.

The incidents posted here meet the following criteria:

  • any reportable release that involves hydrogen sulphide (H2S).
  • any reportable release that affects a water body, whether on or off lease.
  • any reportable release of hydrocarbon or produced water; this includes releases that migrate off lease, including on pipeline right-of-ways.

The AER is committed to protecting the public and the environment, and it monitors and responds to energy-related incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AER have staff trained in emergency response, environmental protection, air quality, and investigation who assist, coordinate, and support the activities of the responsible operator, as well as the local municipal authority and other provincial and federal responders, to ensure a coordinated, effective response and that AER requirements are followed.

For a list of news releases issued by the AER, visit the AER Media Centre.

The incident reporting web page has been replaced with an excel spreadsheet. This change has been made in response to requests to have the information be presented in a searchable and printable format. Overtime, the AER will continue to improve the incident reporting process to ensure transparency and ease of use.

To search the content of the entire workbook, press Ctrl + F > Options > Change “Within Sheet” to “Within Workbook”.

Incident Reporting Spreadsheet [XLSX]