Natural Gas Permitting


Natural Gas Permitting


Updated August 2017

The Alberta Gas Resources Preservation Act (first proclaimed in 1949) provides supply security for consumers in Alberta by setting aside large volumes of gas for their use before gas removals from the province are permitted. The act requires that any company proposing to remove gas from Alberta must apply to the AER for a permit authorizing the removal.

Table S5.12

The figures in Table S5.12 [HTML] are calculated annually to determine what volume of gas is available for removal from Alberta after accounting for Alberta’s future requirements. Based on the 2016 remaining established reserves and estimated Alberta market requirements, surplus natural gas is currently estimated to be 263 billion cubic metres, which is well in excess of the AER’s removals forecast for 2016.

Figure S5.10

Historical volumes available for permitting are illustrated in Figure S5.10 [Tableau].