Progress Updates - Protective


Progress Updates - Protective

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Protective Photo The first priority of our strategic plan is to be protective of public safety and the environment. While any type of industrial activity comes with risks, these risks can be minimized through strong regulatory requirements at every stage of a project’s life cycle.

As new technology drives the intensity and scale of development, we need a new approach to energy regulation. The is focussing on what’s important to Albertans: public safety, protecting our water resources, making sure companies follow safety and environmental requirements, and enforcing compliance when those requirements are not met. We will do this by working on projects that deliver measurable results:

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The Compliance Dashboard demonstrates how the AER is involved in incident response, investigations, compliance, and enforcement. The AER also publishes a number of educational resources—presentations, FAQs, brochures, and guidance information—that relate to AER directives, rules, and regulations.