IL 82-11

IL 82-11: Preservation of Archaeological, Palaeontological, and Historical Resources: Policy Update

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Preservation of Archaeological, Palaeontological, and Historical Resources: Policy Update

Mar 05, 1982

This informational letter supersedes Informational Letter 79-18 and Interim Directive ID-G 77-1

The Energy Resources Conservation Board hereby updates the winter construction policy of Alberta Culture and consolidates its policy on archaeological, palaeontological, and historical resources.

Conditions to be Met

In order to assist implementation of Alberta's Historical Resources Act, the Board now requires as follows:

  1. When requested by the Board, developers making application for permits, licences, or approvals for major projects under statutes and regulations administered by the Board shall include as part of their application the results of an inspection of archaeological, palaeontological, and historical resource sites that might be disturbed by the proposed development. To avoid delays in the processing of an application, the applicant may therefore wish to consult with the Board during early planning stages, to confirm the necessity for such an inspection.

    Should an historical-resource assessment be deemed necessary, take note of the policy statement regarding winter construction, dated June 1981 and attached to this informational letter. Companies contemplating major developments during the winter would be well advisedto determine the need for these assessments at such time as to allow the investigation of the project area during that time of the year best suited to the gathering of information required for a complete assessment.

    To assist developers, a set of guidelines entitled "Interim Guidelines: Historical Resource Impact Assessments" and a provincial map entitled "The Archaeological Resources Sensitivity Map" may be obtained through:
    The Archaeological Survey of Alberta
    Old St. Stephen's College
    8820 - 112 Street
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T6G 2J6
    The Energy Resources Conservation Board
    Maps and Publications Desk
    640 - Fifth Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2P 3G4
  2. Any holder of a permit, licence, or approval who becomes aware of an apparent archaeological, palaeontological, or historical site in the course of his development work, shall immediately notify the Board of the find and take steps to ensure that the site is preserved until its significance can be assessed. To avoid undue delay of development work the Board will arrange with the Historical Resources Division of Alberta Culture to inspect such sites brought to the Board's attention. This inspection will take place within three days of notice being received by the Board.

Notices under (2) and all inquiries in connection with archaeological, palaeontological, and historical resources, should be directed to the Manager of the Board's Environment Protection Department (261-8121).

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V. E. Bohme
Board Member