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AER supports free access to CSA standards

The AER has supported an initiative to provide Canadians with free access to CSA technical standards. These standards are referenced and used to safely regulate oil and gas operations in Alberta. 

Through this initiative, Albertans now have free access to the standards we use to regulate oil and gas pipelines.

The oil and gas standards apply to onshore oil and gas development, and, when adopted into the AER’s regulatory framework, form part of the requirements companies must follow. The main CSA technical standard, CSA Z662, is now available at no cost. Previously, the fee started at $798. Additional standards available for free download will be listed on the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) website, with links to the CSA Group site.

These standards are available through the financial contributions of the Western Regulators Forum (WRF), of which the AER is a member. The regulators entered into an agreement to cover the annual cost of $1.4 million. The AER’s financial contribution came from the existing industry levy. The is no increase to the levy as a result.

The WRF includes the AER, Canadian Energy Regulator, British Columbia Energy Regulator, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources, and the Northwest Territories Office of the Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations as an observer.

CSA Group is a leader in North American standards development, product testing, inspection, and global certification. CSA standards are updated regularly by technical committees established with balanced representation of volunteer members including industry, regulators, and the public. AER technical staff participate in the development, review, and update of many CSA standards.