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Fluid Disposal Schemes in the Elmworth Field, Cardium Sand

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Release Date: October 10, 2017


Since 2006, the AER has approved disposal operations in the Cardium Sand (the boundaries of which are shown in the attached map), which is in the Elmworth Field. Starting January 2015, the AER has observed two instances of localized over pressurization of the Cardium Sand and one of those instances resulted in containment loss at an offset well.

The AER recognizes the difficulties disposal operators may experience in achieving conclusive injectivity tests. The AER also recognizes that certain disposal fluids may be incompatible with the Cardium Sand. Therefore, operators planning to dispose of fluids in this area should be aware that we may impose one or more of the following conditions when approving disposal schemes in the area defined by the map:

  • A Cardium Sand pressure requirement for a scheme approval well prior to the commencement of disposal operations
  • An annual pressure-testing requirement of a scheme approval well by means of a stabilized shut-in bottomhole pressure test in accordance with Directive 040: Pressure and Deliverability Testing Oil and Gas Wells
  • The annual pressure must not exceed the Cardium Sand pressure established prior to commencement of disposal operations
  • A wellhead pressure monitoring condition
  • A cumulative injection volume limit based on an area-of-influence evaluation
  • A broader review of offset wellbores (e.g., open-hole abandoned wells and offset well casing collapse)
  • Any additional conditions as circumstances may warrant

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