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Facility Life-Cycle Status Changes

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Release Date: July 02, 2024

The AER has made several changes concerning how facility life-cycle statuses are determined, which affects the determination of inactive liability. Updated facility life-cycle statuses and how they are determined will be available to licensees in the OneStop liability assessment report.

Update on Unknown Facility Statuses
Bulletin 2023-34: Validating Facility Operational Life-Cycle Statuses outlined that facilities with an “Authorization Life-Cycle Status” of “unknown” would be considered inactive and included in the licensee’s assessed inactive liability. This update was made effective April 2024. For information on how to update the facility life-cycle status, please refer to the bulletin.

Changing Facility Life-Cycle Priority Logic
One of the business rules used to determine a facility’s life-cycle status (whether it is active or inactive) comes from activity reported at Petrinex reporting facility IDs. Where a facility licence is linked to multiple Petrinex reporting facility IDs, the AER applies business rules to determine the facility life-cycle status. The previous business rules resulted in classifying some active facilities as inactive.

We have changed the business rules so that if any reporting facility ID other than a gathering system is active, the facility licence is considered active.

Publishing Facility Life-Cycle Logic
To create greater transparency, we have created a logic chart that outlines how the AER determines the life-cycle status of facility licences. This chart will be available to licensees in the OneStop liability assessment report next week.

For more information regarding facility life-cycle statuses, please contact @email.