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IL-OG 76-24: Stack Exit Temperatures for Acid Gas Incinerators Associated with Gas Processing Plants

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Release Date: Dec 15, 1976

The Department of the Environment (hereinafter called Alberta Environment) and the Energy Resources Conservation Board (hereinafter called the Board) have prepared this Informational Letter which outlines the criteria of the Board and Alberta Environment with respect to the reduction of sulphur plant stack exit temperatures for the purposes of fuel/energy conservation.

Appendix 1 of this document is of importance to all operators of sulphur gas incinerator stacks. It provides for significant fuel savings by allowing operators to maintain stack exit temperatures closer to the prescribed minimum. During a one year trial period the criteria for determining whether a temperature violation has occurred will be relaxed in the manner described in the appendix.

It has been demonstrated that in particular cases the prescribed minimum stack exit temperature may be reduced without causing environmental problems. Appendix 2 describes the information required in applications for obtaining approval for reduced minimum stack exit temperature.

ISSUED at Calgary, Alberta on December 15, 1976.

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W. Solodzuk, Deputy Minister

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D. R. Craig, Vice Chairman