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Published every Thursday, our regulatory change report summarizes for both industry and the public our regulatory initiatives for the current fiscal year (April 1– March 31). The report and its categories reflect our strategic priorities.

Effective April 6, 2023, the AER is now including administrative changes in the Regulatory Change Report for completeness and transparency.

Administrative changes do not impact regulatory outcomes and can include formatting improvements, updating names and references, minor wording updates, and necessary changes to align with other regulatory instruments. These changes are not posted for public comment. The What’s New section of the instrument will identify the relevant modifications.

How to Browse

Users can browse regulatory initiatives in the following categories for the current fiscal year:

  • In progress – regulatory changes that have been approved and are under way.
  • Completed – regulatory changes that have been completed and published.

Review the Report

If you have any questions, please contact @email.