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We hold events, such as community meetings, across the province to share information. We also want to hear from indigenous communities, Albertans, and other stakeholders who inform our decisions about energy regulation.

Check this page for events in your area.

Community Events

We engage with communities across Alberta by sharing information about the work that we do, helping people understand how to have their voices heard, and getting feedback on proposed changes to our requirements, to name a few ways.

Information sessions on replacing LMR/LLR Program and a new security framework
The AER is continuing to implement the Government of Alberta’s Liability Management Framework (LMF). As mentioned in Bulletin 2023-41, our next phase includes replacing the Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program and the Liability Management Rating (LMR) and establishing a new security framework.

We are holding three virtual information sessions in late May and June where the AER will provide a presentation to share more details on this next phase of implementation. Due to the amount of information that will be shared and the number of expected registrants, we are unable to accommodate Q&As during these sessions. The AER will send a survey to all registrants after each session to collect feedback. These sessions are open to all Indigenous communities, the public, and industry. Information on the sessions is provided below along with the registration links. 

Given the complexity and breadth of topics covered at these sessions, an information package including pre-read materials or links to existing website content will be shared with registrants prior to each session.

These information sessions will be recorded and made available for those unable to attend and as an information resource. The surveys will also be available online. By registering, you permit the AER to use the recording.

Session 1: Liability and Security Overview
Explains the changes outlined in Bulletin 2023-41. We will provide an overview of the background and context of the existing LMR, LLR program, liability, and security approaches including information on the new liability management framework.

If you are not familiar with the new LMF and why these changes are needed, this session is for you. If you are familiar with the LMF, you may want to register for sessions 2 and 3 only. 

Recommended reading - Session 1 Post-event survey and recording

Session 2: Estimated Liabilities
Describes the high-level proposed changes to our Liability Management Programs and regulatory instruments to replace the Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program and the Liability Management Rating (LMR). The session will also outline the AER’s approach to updating estimated liabilities, what is considered for Regional Liability and Site-Specific Liability Assessments, and how liabilities are used to make decisions. 

Recommended reading - Session 2 Post-event survey and recording

Session 3: Security Framework
This will be a high-level presentation that will explain why a new security framework is needed and the risks we will address across the energy development lifecycle. We will describe our design principles and factors that could be used to determine the timing of security to address specific risks. 

9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. MST, June 20, 2024
Register for Session 3

Recommended reading - Session 3 Post-event survey and recording


Hearing commissioners conduct oral, written, or electronic hearings on energy development projects. Our hearings calendar gives an update on the latest AER hearings, most hearings are audio cast live.

Industry Information Sessions

There are no Industry Information sessions planned at this time.

OneStop Training

There are no OneStop Training sessions planned at this time.

Technical Briefings

Like most regulators, our requirements are often seen as complex and technical. To provide clarity to those who need it, we often host technical briefings to share updates and answer questions. These briefings take place in person or online. View past briefings on our YouTube channel.