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We share reports on our research findings, industry audits and evaluations, investigations, and compliance reviews, to name a few topics. This section organizes our reports by type. Visit our Products and Services Catalogue for more information about these reports.

Report Series

Most reports are produced by the AER and are largely technical in nature. Examples include the following:

  • updates to AER requirements
  • geological studies
  • project findings

These reports are issued with unique identifiers, classified by release year.

Our report series also include reports published by other organizations, which we distribute through our Information Distribution Services as a convenience for users.

Special Reports

Special reports are either published by the AER as unnumbered reports (not a part of our report series) or are distributed (but not published by us). Examples of special reports include the following:

  • evaluations of reserves and resources
  • audit reports
  • review of energy pilot projects
  • joint industry task force reports
  • our annual survey of Albertans and stakeholders

Statistical Reports

We publish statistical reports (STs) on a regular basis to showcase and report on industry activity in Alberta. These daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and other reports detail everything from drilling activity to pipeline approvals to provincial energy reserves.

Recurrent Human Health Complaint Reports

We help Alberta Health respond to recurring human health complaints related to energy resource development. The reports in this section document the complaints we have received and our work to assess them.

Industry Performance Reports

We have a responsibility to ensure that companies in Alberta develop energy resources in a safe and responsible manner. Our industry performance program measures and discloses how companies are performing against our rules and requirements.

Archived Investigation Reports

Reports relating to investigations conducted between 2006 and 2016 are available on the archived investigation reports webpage.

For information on more recent investigations, see our Compliance Dashboard.