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Join the AER and be in great company.

We are proud to say that our employees’ physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing is a top priority—this includes creating a supportive and fun work environment. 

This page outlines many of the perks and benefits that our people enjoy. 

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Employee Benefits

AER Flexible Work Program 
To honour our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, enhance employee attraction and retention, and increase environmental sustainability, the AER offers a flexible work framework that provides for hybrid work and flexible hours.

Flexible Benefits Program
Our comprehensive, flexible benefits program empowers permanent employees to customize their benefits package to best suit their wellbeing needs, and the needs of their family.

Time Off
We believe in work-life balance. The AER offers several time-off programs to help our people achieve their perfect balance, such as flexible vacation time, earned time off, and community involvement.

Saving and Spending Accounts
Our permanent employees participate in a defined benefits pension plan, with the option to participate in group savings plans. We also offer health and personal spending accounts: health spending accounts can assist with additional coverage for medical, dental, and vision costs; personal spending accounts can be used to cover expenses incurred for wellbeing activities.

Learning and Career Development

Whether learning on the job or online, there’s a learning and development program for everyone at the AER. After all, we care about our people and want to help them grow—and the AER is a great place to stretch existing skills, learn new skills, and build a career.
Our tailored learning programs help to build regulatory awareness, interpersonal skills, leadership development, and industry knowledge. We also offer job shadowing, coaching, and mentoring opportunities.

Social Clubs, Groups, and Events

Many AER employees join and attend employee-run clubs, meetups, and social events, to build a better environment—both inside and outside of work—and create a stronger sense of belonging at the AER. Clubs and programs are related to the environment, social and physical activity, volunteering, and health and wellbeing, to name a few. 

We are also proud to support eight United Way chapters across Alberta. Throughout the year, AER employees volunteer their time, set goals, and fundraise thousands of dollars in support of United Way. Planned events in years past have included contests, potlucks, games, and sporting events. 

Health and Safety

The AER is committed to the promotion of health and safety; specifically the physical and psychological wellbeing of our employees, contractors, and the public. We are always improving our workplace conditions and our health and safety management system.