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The AER is made up of an Operations division and various branches that are organized to efficiently carry out our business and regulatory functions. Project teams often bring together people from across the organization to take advantage of different skill sets, knowledge, and perspectives.

Reporting to the CEO

The AER's Chief Executive Officer remains responsible for the day-to-day operations of the AER and is directly accountable to the board. The CEO's office is responsible for government engagement.

Additional functions report directly to the CEO, including Corporate and Financial Reporting, Finance and Corporate Controller; Fleet and Procurement; Workplace Services; Planning and Performance; Strategy; Enterprise Capabilities; Performance and Risk; Information Management and Technology; People, Culture, and Learning; and Engagement and Communication.


  • Chief Executive Officer – Laurie Pushor
  • Executive Liaison and Chief of Staff – Brittany Tobias
  • Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer – Mike Dalton
  • Vice President, Engagement and Communication – Nancy Arab
  • Vice President, Information Management and Technology – James Betterton
  • Vice President, People, Culture, and Learning – Erin Kurchina
  • Director, Internal Audit – Sukh Johal
  • Director, Strategy and Enterprise Performance – Katherine Randon


The Operations Division oversees the full life cycle of energy resource development in Alberta. It works with companies and stakeholders to assess new development proposals and holds companies accountable for delivering positive outcomes while meeting regulatory requirements—from design and construction through to active operations and, ultimately, decommissioning.

This division is made up of five branches—Regulatory Applications, Compliance and Liability Management, Regulatory Enhancement, Alberta Geological Survey, and Technical Science and External Innovation—that focus on consistent and efficient use of the existing regulatory tools and processes to ensure compliance, industry performance reporting, and improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of our regulatory system across each of the sectors we regulate.


  • Chief Operations Officer – Martin Foy
  • Vice President, Regulatory Enhancement – Tyson Flynn
  • Vice President, Alberta Geological Survey – Andrew Beaton
  • Vice President, Regulatory Applications – Bola Talabi
  • Vice President, Regulatory Compliance - Stacey Smythe
  • Vice President, Technical Science & External Innovation – John Weissenberger


The Law Branch provides legal advice to the entire organization, including the board of directors and hearing commissioners. It supports many aspects of our work, such as project authorizations, contracts, hearings, litigation, regulatory and strategic projects, and government and stakeholder engagement. Our staff in the Law Branch have expertise in the regulations, rules, directives, and policies applicable to our work.


  • Executive Vice President, Law and General Counsel – Sean Sexton
  • Vice President, Law and Associate General Counsel – Stephanie Latimer