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Although Albertans can see most well records in the province, some wells are kept confidential and given a “tight hole” status. We regularly update our list of confidential and confidential below (CB) wells in Alberta. This list only includes basic well data; it does not include details such as drilling and completion data. Section 12.150 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules explains what data are considered confidential. 

Well confidentiality is based on

  • the well type,
  • the substance the well will produce, and
  • the well’s classification.

For more information, see table 7.8 in Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules.

List Components

Updated daily, this list includes

  • well locations,
  • licence numbers,
  • licensee operator codes,
  • company names,
  • well confidential types,
  • confidential depths for CB wells, and
  • confidential release dates.

Access the List

Confidential Well List [TXT] [CSV]
Disclaimer: The information released in the Confidential Well List is preliminary only and may be subject to change. 

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