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The collection of core, drilling cutting material, and associated analysis is governed by the following:

We share core and drilling cutting material samples and data through various sources:

We publish industry activity lists, data, reports, and other information on a regular basis. Find more information on our Activity and Data page.

Alberta Geological Survey

The AER’s Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) provides geological information and expertise to government, industry, and Albertans about the province’s hydrocarbon resources and geology. As part of this work, the AGS identifies the chemical and physical characteristics of rocks and minerals. Learn more about AGS publications and the Mineral Core Research Facility on the AGS’s website.

Core Research Centre

We aim to preserve and maintain the integrity of thousands of core and drill cuttings stored at our Core Research Centre (CRC). For this reason, all sampling activities must be approved before they begin. Read our Material Sampling Procedures document to learn

  • what we expect before sampling can be approved,
  • how to get approval to use sample material,
  • how to submit test results and return residual material, and
  • how test results will be disseminated.

We may ask you to fill out the following forms or waiver before visiting the CRC. 

Forms, Waiver, and Other Information

  • Sampling Request Form
  • List of Test Types Approved for Sampling [PDF]
  • Information Release and Liability Waiver for Sampling and Viewing of Confidential Material [PDF]

Contact Us
If you have questions about the procedures to access samples, please call the CRC at 403-297-3584 or email @email.

Reservoir Evaluation/Productivity Studies and Geological/Other Studies Index

Reservoir Evaluation/Productivity Studies (REPS)

The REPS part of the index consists of

  • laboratory pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) testing on fluids,
  • special core analysis (SCAL),
  • special drill-cutting analysis (SDCAL), and
  • cavern storage studies (CSS).

Reports from these studies have an “R” in the report number.

Geological/Other Studies (GOS)

The GOS part of the index consists of analyses conducted on material for use in formation evaluation of geological characteristics. Reports from these studies have a “G” in the report number. 

  • Routine measurement submissions, as identified in the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules, are not included.
  • REPS data remains confidential for one year from the date of the analyses. All data releases abide by well confidentiality.

Products and Services Catalogue 

Visit our Products and Services Catalogue for more information on how to order REPS and GOS analyses through this index.

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